How to make cash online from PTC

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In this article, I will tell you how to make cash online from PTC site. PTC stands for paid to click. In other words, ptc is a advertising site where you will be paid to click ads. Anyone can earn cash online if he can type keyboard and click the mouse. But to earn from ptc, one has to be very patient. You cannot expect to earn huge money from ptc overnight. Another thing you should remember in mind that most of the ptc sites are scam. Yet, there are some legitimate and genuine ptc sites available. Neobux is one of them. It is a genuine ptc site and still paying their members. If you go to the forum section of this ptc site, you will find plenty of payments proof of their site and everyday new payment proofs are being added. They have millions of satisfied members and everyday new members are continuously joining their site. Generally, you will not find any complain against neobux in their forum which is not seen in scam ptc sites. Many neobux members are earning thousands of dollars per month from neobux. Join neobux and start earning. But in order to earn from neobux you have to play with patience game. In my next post, I will show you how to earn effectively and smoothly from neobux.


Earn money from neobux without investment

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As I mentioned in my previous post, neobux is a genuine and legitimate ptc site. So, if you want to earn money from neobux without investment, you can definitely earn from it. But you can not earn enough by clicking your own ads. To earn a steady and handsome income, you should have enough referrals. Referrals earn money for themselves and at the same time, earn money for you. Whenever you click ads on neobux as an standard member, you will get $0.001 per ad. But when your referrals click an ad, you will be credited $0.005. There are two types of referrals in neobux, direct referrals and rented referrals. For direct referrals you need not to pay any money but for rented referrals you have to pay money. When anyone registers in neobux through your referral link, he will be your direct referral. But it is very hard to get direct referrals. You can share your referral link in various forums, social media sites and you can have some referrals from it.

Now, the question is how your income grows in neobux. I have mentioned earlier that without referral your income will not grow smoothly. So, focus on direct referrals and click your ads regularly. After few days, when your account reaches $0.60, buy  rented referrals. You can buy three referrals for $0.20 each. In this way, your income will get a booster. Repeat this process and don’t think of cash out until your referrals number reach 300. This time upgrade your membership to golden which will cost you $89. Pay this money from your account balance. Now the question is why you should upgrade your membership to golden? Golden membership will double your income. At this time, you can expect to earn $300 per month. But this should not be the end. Try to increase your referral until it reaches 2000. This should be your goal. You can expect to earn more than $1500 after paying the rented referral expenses. But to reach this landmark, you must have enough patience and determination if you want to earn money from neobux without investment. It may take 9 to 12 months to reach this landmark if you want to earn money online without investment.

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