What is outsourcing

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There are some organizations that hire people to work for them. The works done by people outside of the organization is called outsourcing. Those who do the outsourcing projects are called freelancer. Freelancer means free or independent professional. He who works in the outsourcing site is called contractor (he works for contract). He who gives the work is called the buyer/employer (he gives work for contract).


Works available for outsourcing

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The projects of outsourcing sites are divided in various categories. For example, web development, software development, networking & information systems, writing & translation, administrative support, design & multimedia, customer service, sales & marketing, business service etc.

Web development: This category includes website design, web programming, e-commerce, user interface design, website testing, website project management etc.

Software development: In this section, you will find desktop application, game development, script & utility, software plug-ins, mobile application, interface design, software project management, software testing etc.

Networking & information system: This section includes network administration, DBA (database administration), server administration, ERP/CRM implementation etc.

Righting & translation: Technical righting, website content, blog & article writing, copy writing, translation, creative writing etc. are included in this section.

Administrative support: This section contains data entry, personal assistant, web research, e-mail response handling, transcription etc.

Design & multimedia: In this section, you will find graphics design, logo design, illustration, print design, 3D modeling, auto cad, audio and video production, voice talent, animation, presentation, engineering and technical design.

Customer service: Customer service & support, technical support, phone support, order processing etc. are included in this section.

Sales & marketing: This category includes advertisement, e-mail marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), SMM (social media marketing), PR (public relations), telemarketing & telesales, business planning & marketing, market research and survey, sales & lead generation etc.

Business service: This category includes accounting, bookkeeping, HR/pay-role, financial services and planning, payment processing, legal, project management, business consulting, recruiting, statistics analysis etc.

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